Actress Kim Youngae passes away [Entertainment Weekly / 2017.04.17]

Actress Kim Youngae passes away [Entertainment Weekly / 2017.04.17]

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Evangeline Antonio says:

granny rip I'm your fan

Nurmarsha Andini says:

May she rest in peace ? Why is pancreatic cancer always took peoples life??? My aunt also lose battle with pancreatic cancer

Erin Varghese says:

Such an amazing actress… RIP Kim young ae.

Jame's seaspirit says:

i was so sad to hear that she had pass away. REST IN PEACE madam Kim Youngae.

Helena Do says:

Noooooooooooo ???????????

Verlina Myles says:

I cried. She was such a great actress ???

Bompi_sone03 says:

whaaaattttt!!!!????? Oh My God. It is so sad. I have grown to like her so much. I have watched her in so many dramas. Its so sad….. ?? RIP ……

Indira Ramadanty says:

So sad ,i'm rewatching Doctors and her character dies..??

celyn idin says:

I'm I the only one crying?? ???

Aim your gun. Ready! Fire! says:

it must be so sad that she had to act as a sick grandma in doctors 🙁 moreover it is also cancer 🙁

Leigthanya McLean says:

I was getting all emotional, then they had to wash it down the drained with that ending. May she rest in peace. RIP

Pony BOM says:

She was such a great actress. Every word and action portrayed in such a heart touching, lovely and real way. A true angel, I pay my deepest respect to her and hope her family holds on well.

Mochafairiemonster says:

Aww, RIP ahjumoni

aldi sukma says:

im cryingㅠㅠ

Mara Kristina says:

I know her…??? may she rest in peace.condolence to her Family and Friends…this made me sad.??

eusebia paola says:

selamat jalan kim young ae, semoga tenang di surga dan kiranya tuhan memberikan penghiburan bagi keluarga yang ditinggalkan….

Jennie slays me Rapmon kills me hearteu says:

R.i.p?❤️… may she Rest In Peace and have a wonderful life above so she doesn't have to be worried and have her mind in ease now. Honored to see her in Doctor Crush, Birth Of A Beauty.. many more.

Kpop Lovers says:

Rest in peace from birth of the beauty, moon embracing the sun, and kill me heal me fans ???

Mercy Cool says:

I'm very sad about this lovely woman may God bless your soul RIP

Elisa Rosé says:

Rip ❤???

Dorkytaenganger Locksmith says:

rest in peace.

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