A day out with an old travel friend..

A day out with an old travel friend..

A traveling friend comes to town and we hang out for the day. Sleazy motel tour and a stop at Goodwill.



Daniela Furlan says:

LOVE IT, YOU AN YOUR FRIEND ARE AWESOME…..LOL….You should told that stoker in the store that he was on camera and you were undercover….lol

Kathy Girlygirl says:

Awwww, little man was all snuggled up in his blankie. Why is it that a Chihuahua can hunker down in a comforter even in the summer. They must feel safe all tucked in but it's also warm. Love him. So funny with your friend. WOW! I didn't know your DEAD bolt wasn't working at that S-hole motel you stayed at. No wonder you had to get out of there!

Ice Queen says:

Sorry….$29,000…… at Campers, RV's, pop ups for Sale, Trade, or give away. N. Georgia….. wish I could post the photos of it!!

Robert Bingham says:

Nothing like a crabby neighbor

jgclark45 says:

Looks like a fun day with your friend! The spot light said $2.99, that is $3 not $2 unless there was a sale

Marie Snopko says:

You to are finny funny together. Latter

Rosie 4Runner says:

Your friend is a hoot !!! Love her !

Ice Queen says:

2016 Grand Design Travel Trailer
Approx 300 miles on this unit
Includes weight distribution hitch (value of approx $600)
A must see
Sleeps up to 10 people 😳
It's not a 5th wheel but is a pull behind….only $27,000. Contact Scott Langford on Facebook in Rochelle, GA or Campers, RV's, pop ups For Sale,

AN Warrior Connie D. The Fam! says:

Your friend is awesome! I loved her! 🙂

krexoriginal says:

"Coin Hole"?!? I don't dare type what I'm thinking… I might get your account suspended. Just keep in mind, I worked in a porn shop once. 😂😂😂

Jackie Wilson says:

What a nice afternoon Shelly. Good to see you have a nice afternoon !

jen jenkins says:

Do you mind my asking what eyebrow pencil do you use? Your eyebrows look great.

jen jenkins says:

hi, I made the Lazy Cake Cookies…..and they were a super big hit. I will be adding this recipe to my holiday
treats. Simple, and delish….ty so much for recipe! 🙂

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