A day FULL of travel MISTAKES – Vlog Ep 4 – Laos to Thailand

A day FULL of travel MISTAKES – Vlog Ep 4 – Laos to Thailand

Sometimes when things don’t go how you plan, the best thing to do is just smile and laugh about it.

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Omari Joseph says:

Hello Yalo…all that drama with the flight ticket was enough for me to be stressed and spend one more day to calm my nerves..hahaha..you're just running into all kinds of bumps in the road…Phuket should be a good place to go..those words of wisdom come when luck is on your side..try that when all hell has gone wrong and it is a nightmare..hehehe..gonna send Edward Scissor Hands to cut a bit of that hair..hehehe (tease)

Crystal Lee says:

Cooool ur calmness thumb up

Now to Lao says:

Dude….i get the feeling you weren't meant to leave Lao!! 😝

Gus Sanz says:

What a day for you!!!

Andrew Yalo says:

6:35 , 8:28 at these moments Steve realized, he fucked up

sam&tin's adventures says:

Wow great video! We subscribed and loved watching your video 🙂 Please feel free to check out our channel if you like we do travel vlogs in New Zealand 🙂

Explore Different says:

We are loving your videos! We are currently doing the same kind of route that you are doing now, we had a similar experience with flights messing up on the way out here from Toronto. It sucks but your positive attitude definitely helps you get through it!!

The Budgeteers says:

You're an idiot. A stupid freaking idiot. 😅😅😅

Ryan Shirley says:

100k subs here you come!!

Jan A. says:

Mate, how do you afford the traveling?

Christoph Wolff says:

great episode. reminds me on my emergency landing in a remote city in japan. having 4 hours to get my plane in tokio 350 km accross japan. this was pretty crazy! 😀

Mathieu Tallard says:

Wait 10-15 years from now and pretty sure your attitude and energy won't be the same towards hard time while traveling. Happy new year

Adam Mason says:

I managed to get some Lao kip exchanged down khao San road back in 2016.

SnowyThing says:

Steve, did you visit Ko Lanta while you were in Krabi?

Nutrition Is The Key says:

lool you are so chilled! and blessed

TotalXIgnition says:

I admire your calmness in reacting to those circumstances. Great outlook.

Vig Stefy says:

Great video! Like for you!


There is laid back and then there is laid back but maaaaan, 6:35 gave me a heart attack! just watching it freaked me out. Incredible reaction and service from the thai train guys tho! Imagine leaving your bag on the A train coming from JFK.

Rockstar 007 says:

hats off to ur patience

Jari Ristiranta says:

Actually your taxi driver's first guess (when he was talking to himself) was correct but he wasn't sure.

Savage Traveling says:

Damn bro. You got lucky!

Divert Living says:

damn scratch that didnt watch that long into the video yet. now i know haha damn what a hell of a day! hope your island tour goes better then this day of travel!

Divert Living says:

How long will you be in Bangkok? We are here now and are taking some trip around the city and to near by cities let us know if you want to join

Kane1993x says:

Im flying out to thailand next week. Might run into you on the islands 😀

TechDepths says:

always appreciate everything even the bad thing you never know why happens if you went to cambodia, life is experience and ups and downs, like your spirit bro 👍

AAA W says:

Do not ever use auto fill, my friend use app like 1password which works on mobile and pc/Mac os, it is safe and organized, you select which info you fill so easy

lifelikejosie says:

Exactly! You weren't supposed to go to Cambodia, right?! 🙂
OHMYGOODNESS hahaha so much is happening it's actually funny watching (and INTENSE). That superbus looked FIIINE!
It was dope seeing this , kinda like a travel BTS which you don't often see from most travel vloggers!

Lifetime Travelmates says:

Paddy! Damn autofill. Haha! Well, not THAT bad you just lost some bucks and that's it, right? We're sure Phuket compensated that! Happy New Year from…guess where right now… Bangkok!

Daniel Lesk says:

Great video capturing the mundanity of travel! Miss those backpacking days

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