8 Sports Stars With Incredible Diets Feat. Ronaldo

8 Sports Stars With Incredible Diets Feat. Ronaldo

►How do these incredible diets compare to your own? Comment below!

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Antony S says:

I could eat like that too if I had a personal chef everyday….

Unsightlydough123 gameing Dough god says:

I don't need to meet CR7 I am his little cousin

Unsightlydough123 gameing Dough god says:

Man well neuer

Arsenal fc wins 13 titles says:

1like= meet Sam warburton
Subscribe to my channel = meet cr7

Fantasy Freerunning says:

Literally only decent diet I saw there was Ronaldo's

Ahmad Mohar says:

Geart videos

Brandon Spence says:

doesn't every athlete do what CR7 does?

Sam lol says:

Likes for CR7

MexicanHammer says:

i didnt see number 6

Lewis Nally says:


AFL Content says:

That's What Happens When You Run Out Ideas

PeleTheBest 123 says:

You know the drill

1. Messi
2. Ronaldo
3. Dybala
4. Zlatan
5. Neymar
6. Ronaldinho
7. Pogba
8. Bale
9. Bonucci
0. Lord Bendtner

I'll start: Messi
Comment what you got!

Veljko says:

Subscribe on my chanell!

alex kanyima says:

you can Eat what ever you want as your diet

Flykid gamer says:

1 like/ be the best football player
1 sub/ be able to fly
both/ whole life of luck

EliteBarça productions says:

cr7 has the best diet: like if you want to be like him

Alan Villalta says:

What's with the music😂

Bunny Pilot says:

Make up a football transfer:

Step 1:
The month of your birthday:

January = Luis Suarez
February = Neymar Jr
March = Cristiano Ronaldo
April = Paul Pogba
May = Alexis Sanchez
June = Lionel Messi
July = Gareth Bale
August = Harry Kane
September = James Rodriguez
October = Zlatan Ibrahimovic
November = Eden Hazard
December = Alexis Sanchez

Step 2:
The date of your birthday:

1st: PSG
2nd: Real Madrid
3rd: Inter Milan
4th: Arsenal
5th: Porto
6th: Bayern Munich
7th: Manchester United
8th: Roma
9th: Borussia Dortmund
10th: AC Milan
11th: Chelsea
12th: Ajax
13th: West Ham United
14th: Liverpool
15th: Shanghai Shenhua
16th: Barcelona
17th: Tottenham Hotspur
18th: Everton
19th: Benfica
20th: LA Galaxy
21st: Galatasaray
22nd: Juventus
23rd: Saint Etienne
24th: Leicester
25th: Manchester City
26th: Lyon
27th: Napoli
28th: Monaco
29th: Sevilla
30th: Guangzhou Evergrande
31st: Atlético Madrid

Step 3:
Your age times 5 is the transfer fee (in million pounds)

Infamous says:

are there athletes with vegetarian diets

Aymen Haddoud says:

Why did I read it sport cars

Neer Das says:

Whom did you show on #6? My screen was blank.. wonder who it was…

BenyaPlayz says:

I think talksport are running out of ideas lol 😂

David Nyarwaya says:

I didn't see number 6!?

Rob Holding #bestCBever says:

How to be the quickest person alive?

Eat 100 chicken nuggets per day

Soccer Turtles says:

this comment will auto destruct in 5 hr….

Owen the Fish says:

If you sub to me I'll sub back

Dritz Elmi says:

good job for noting that, next will probably be their favorite tv-shows…

Aiman Haikal 2607 says:

can i get 1 like for nothing?

strongraycool44 :D says:

Hi ik ye owcic

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