762 CORNERS! CHIANG MAI TO PAI BUS | North Thailand Travel Vlog 120, 2018 | Pai Digital Nomad

762 CORNERS! CHIANG MAI TO PAI BUS | North Thailand Travel Vlog 120, 2018 | Pai Digital Nomad

Chiang Mai to Pai bus has 762 turnsa! Pai is a chilled spot North of Thailand, a home for the digital nomad, hippie or just to travel and relax ⬇ Click ‘Show More’ to expand ⬇

Heading North of Thailand can be a bit tricky, luckily it’s pretty easy to access Pai by grabbing a bus from Chiang Mai in 2018. Best to book online first and pick your seats, use our link for a discount http://danegerandstacey.com/12go

Chiang Mai is a pretty chilled place in itself, but Pai is next level. Legitimately the most chill place we’ve visited in Thailand as a whole – the north is next level relaxed. If youre a digital nomad looking for some where to travel and slow down your pace of life this is the spot.


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Joshua Chad says:

This should be familiar with you two but I’ll avago at it!
G’day Daneger and Stacey!, how ya goin’? Both of ya looking spiffy today. The drive to Pai, well … good onya for surviving the trip without chucking up! Damn bloody hoon! Ya can keep the meds for now. Paying 3 Baht to use the thunderbox is big bikkies mate. The hotel though, that’s way out at woop woop. The food is an abso-bloody-lutely ripper mate. Goin’ down for a tucker, the chowing down on the local cuisine is making me kinda peckish. I’m so hungry I could eat the crotch out of a low flying duck! I could use a snag or two sauso and a coldie too! The chockie cake, too delish! I had a bonzer time watching this vlog… time to pull up stumps…

Okay, does that grab you by the short & curlies?
Ya think I got a kangaroo loose in the top paddock? Most probably! And I got up at sparrow’s fart today… 😂

jun villanueva says:

Nice place, looks like a lot of yummy food.

Stuffed With Plush ToysTM says:

Brilliant… didn’t know about this place. I have planned a month on Chiang Mai based on your travels so will add this as a must do

Preston Davis says:

Love your guys channel.

Philippines/Oz Fun With JLB says:

Great footage, soundtrack and you give lots of valuable info. Good stuff.

HabitProductions says:

Nice vlog, I'd love to travel more!
P.S. if you're looking for free music you're welcome to use mine for your videos 🙂

Nard Walker says:

Pai must be KAPAI…. which means algoods

Emma C says:

Another upload! Yay!!!

Gemma Amy-Lee says:

Oh my gosh, I just left Pai a week ago! So sad I missed you guys. Pai was amazing 😊😊😊 would very much recommend going to Art in Chai and getting to their Open Mic night if you guys are still there 💚

James Winter says:

I've been to Pai a couple of times. A very chilled and relaxed place. Get a scooter and see Mae Hong Son. Its interesting. I'm in Hanoi for another week and its freezing here! Really looking forward to getting back to Chiang Mai

Here,s Harv says:

So glad your still taking us with you on your travels. Enjoy your stay in Pai guy's 🙂

Bill Kay says:

do you have a preference which is your favourite country in asia, if you decide to live there?

Daniel Niblett says:

Looks like a pretty chill place, looking forward to what you have to show from there! Finding it hard to get one of the first comments these days with the following you have now hah ! Have a good day both.

Daneger and Stacey says:

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Stacey Vergis says:


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