6 Safety Tips for Women Traveling Alone | SOLO TRAVEL TIPS + ADVICE

6 Safety Tips for Women Traveling Alone | SOLO TRAVEL TIPS + ADVICE

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So you wanna travel solo but you’re afraid that it’s too dangerous. But never fear! Here are 6 practical safety tips for women who are thinking of travelling alone!

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Cátia Ferreira says:

The initial music just killed me!!!! Ahahahah thanks for the tips!

The Travel Bra says:

Great post!

Berline Bienaime says:

Thank you. I will be traveling to the UK soon. ☺

Jaclyn Garland says:

I just booked my first solo adventure to Oahu, Hawaii! I will be camping on a gorgeous beach the whole time. However, I'm kind of nervous and I have never been on an airplane before!! Any tips or advice for a first time female solo traveler? 🙂 thanks in advance!!

x0x0bonnie says:

I want to travel solo to Atlanta which is the next state from me but I'm super scared lol. I'm the type of person that can't go to a resturant alone n don't like going grocery shopping alone so idk how I'm going to do this lol

Hattie Reed says:

Glad I saw this video. I will be taking my first trip out of the U.S. in September. I will definitely keep these tips in mind. Thanks for doing this video.


Great tips! I'm considering buying a trip overseas (don't know where yet) on Groupon. Any tips on purchasing from a discount site?

Shalisse says:

I love these tips. I just started traveling solo and I've already been to 4 countries all by myself. I love traveling alone! I can go and do as I please and not have to worry about what someone else wants to do, eat, or stay. I even invested in a travel tripod, so I don't even need anyone to take my pictures! Lol. Being solo forced me to open up in many ways that I never would've in the past. I've discovered so much about myself! I've met other solo women travelers on my journeys as well. We'll connect for that moment, then go on our separate ways. The best temporary friendships ever, lol! You were one of the main people who inspired me to take my solo journeys, and truly appreciate it!

Samaria87 says:

Thanks for your video and your good advices.

I traveled alone to Switzerland and Italy and stayed for a few days solo in Canada, after my friends flew back.

I'd love to go to India. But I'm still a bit afraid. Have you been there already?

LeanneGC101 says:

I am an Asian girl who just moved to the UK and been travelling alone since! And I love it! But I have always thought "Am I normal?" because whenever I travel I always see people in groups! Good to know there's someone like me out there!
One tip : Always wear flats so you can run quickly in case there's an attacker. LOL I know it's common sense but I always see fellow travellers wearing heels.

givefreedom says:

I'll be traveling to Germany sometime next year, probably in September (in time for Oktoberfest!), ever since I traveled to Canada I had this urge to fly solo. Came into some cash this year, so I'm throwing caution to the wind and I am planning my trip.

Thanks so much for the tips, super helpful .

Dayana Garcia says:

I would love to travel with you lol

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