5 Reasons You Absolutely Should Not Travel

5 Reasons You Absolutely Should Not Travel

As someone who once relocated from the United Kingdom to the United States, I’ve certainly done my fair share of traveling. From the outside, traveling probably looks like a lot of fun—blue skies and sandy beaches, right? Well I’m afraid it’s time to hit you with a hard truth: traveling is bad for you and you shouldn’t do it. I know it’s going to be difficult for some of you to watch this, but watch it you must. Here are 5 reasons why you absolutely should not travel.

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FireCracker3240 says:

I love these videos. What happens when you want to become an addict, but finances and life circumstances prevents it from happening?

Tom Bridges says:

Okay, it took me about a minute in to get it lol.

A W 2 says:

Great warnings!!! I've been very afraid of all those travelers out there, getting addicted to it. Those travel addicts show up on each and every plane and train and inter-city bus I take, I'm never alone. I can't get away from those travel addicts !

tripleheshy says:

As someone who has traveled to 18 countries in my 51 years I can say that I no longer have a traveling bone. I realized that I have everything I need/want right here in the US of A. My reasoning? Frankly, the world has become multitudes shittier since 9/11 and having traveled before it and after it I can say that without hesitation or reservation.

Joe Cool says:

This is a great video. I am going to share this video with a co-worker who does not like to travel.

Susan Schultz says:

Good one! Funny! : – )

John Kennington says:

Too late! I'm already addicted. But thanks for the warning!

Declutter With Dionne says:

Such a funny video loved it and yes I love traveling ?

John Labus says:

British optimism at its best.

IBStevieB says:

Nice! It's been awhile since your man crush, Rick Steves has made an appearance in one of your videos. Even longer since a bit of Laurence doing Rick Steves.

Flyin Brian says:

The first trip is the most expensive.  Because it leads to the next trip, and the one after that, and the next one and so on!

Zineeta says:

I dream of visiting the UK and Germany, along with most places I study about. I need help! 🙂

yeoldebiggetee says:

Travel is like crack: if your mother is an addict, you'll be born an addict. Just say no.

Brian Garrow says:

Love the photo of Rick Steves. A local legend, (and hero) to many of us web-footed northwesterners!

Indi jay says:

I like the sarcastic British sense of humour. Your channel is great. As a Brit who wants to move to ?? one day it gives me hope ??

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