5 Money Saving Tips: Switzerland on a Travel Budget

5 Money Saving Tips: Switzerland on a Travel Budget

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It’s a very known fact that Switzerland is a very expensive destination, but don’t let that stop you.
On my travels in Switzerland this summer I found 5 ways you can save money while traveling on Switzerland:)

I don’t normally do money saving tips, but I really loved Switzerland and think it’s such a shame if money is the reason you don’t go, that’s why I’ve put this together, hope it helps and shows that there are always ways to make your travel dreams come true some way or other:)
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Nour Qan says:

Your email address please

kavya jain says:

thank you so much

Invincible YT says:

Lmao you're full of bullshit lol. A San Pellegrino only costs 80 rappen! Oh jeez that's probably a lot for you… well you don't live here so lol. Wait what? 12 chf? THATS CHEAP AS FUCK

Hazel Frei-Selby says:

Stay at Swiss Youth Hostels. Very clean and comfortable. Also have single rooms with shower and good breakfasts.
Then buy food at supermarkets – good quality foodm

Aroop Bose says:

Thanks. That was really helpful.


What about using rbnb instead a hotel?

schwarz404 says:

Miss Rosses 🙂

James Yan says:

Thankyou for your info👍

Tiefenwelten says:

Cool Video. Greetings from Basel

Amjad Khan says:

fantastic tips thanks to telling us

Hammad Ghani says:

i would suggest interrail or Eurail passes for travelling inside switzerland. If you are not travelling with family 3 to 4 days ticket will be enough to explore lot of switzerland. In bigger cities like zurich geneva you can get free bikes as well.

Hassan Elaorf says:

thank you…

santosh verma says:

You look amazing , such a nice smile on your face with nature beauty,

mosses rizvi says:

Thanks for the wonderful saving tips , you can see the big bell on my profile this picture i have captured during my trip to Luzern by ferry ride ……

kalumarjuna80 says:

Here are my tips: 1) Never buy water or dinks from restaurants, instead buy 1.5-2liter bottles from supermarkets (Denner, Coop, Migros) and fill several smaller plastic bottles. 2) Yougurt, milk+corn flakes (marketed by above mentioned supermarkets themselves) will make a very cheap breakfast.3) buy Swiss pass (for 4 days) and try to cover most of the travelling including cable cars (which get 50% off) within that period. Have 1-2 days break without Swiss pass and get another if you are staying longer.4) try to book a guest house with kitchen facilities instead of hotel rooms. Then you can buy food cheap and prepare for a lower price. (E.g pre cooked Pizza)5) use train toilets for small jobs before getting down! You have to pay to use some toilets at railway stations. 6) use SBB app to buy 50%off tickets.7) never plan to shop for clothes, bags etc! Try to do this in neighbouring countries if your itenarry permits.8) never use Euros in Switzerland! Convert to francs beforehand.9) do not buy souvenirs from mountain top restaurants. You will find most of them in supermarkets as well.10) Luggage lockers at some places are really expensive. Check prices online before-hand and plan accordingly.11) most mountain tops offer similar experience. So go for one of the best straight away (e.g. jungfrau, Matterhorn glacier paradise) rather than multiple smaller peaks (Titlis, Riggi). Check weather forecast before.

Fiction Club says:

Amazing Switzerland:

Chia-Chi Yen says:

l lived in an apartment with a kitchen in Zermatt during my Honeymoon travel, and we bought things from coops and cook our meal every day. The expense per day per person only cost about 10 francs.

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