I’m going to let you in on what I think are~ my top 5 challenges of solo travel. The things that people think will be challenging about #solotravel aren’t as challenging as the things people never think of.

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Stefani Martin says:

Thank you!!! Your videos are the best! Im heading to India for my first solo trip. Im nervous but there's people like you who have done it before me!

Kelvin R says:

I bought a DJI Spark for my solo trip

Alana Delia says:

I've never divided up my money between different bags before……

Joel Graham says:

LOL – perfect. I have the Nepal part down (in my mind) but I am already overwhelmed by endless options once I drop down into India. I can visualize as far as Varanasi but after that, it keeps coming up a blur. "North again after the Gandhi ashram in Ahmedabad or farther south to Mumbai? Christine likes Kolkata so that's officially back on the list and I'll stay where she stayed. But wait! Look at that train ride! 2 days! I'll be deep into January I bet! I'll just head straight up to Dharmashala then. Oh just forget it, I can't think straight!" I also felt a sudden tinge of "OMG!" today when I realized that I have to be able to get back to the airport in New Delhi by Valentines Day – where will I be before that? What if I can't get on a train? What if I'm running out of money? Be ready to fly back to New Delhi no matter what! what if what if what if…haha.

Izzy Wanders says:

This is such a useful and informative video! Thank you for sharing it with the travel community! More people need the encouragement to travel solo, it's such an amazing experience. It really is one of the best ways to see the world! I've just uploaded a 'Pros and Cons of Solo Travel' video on my channel if you felt like taking a look. Good luck on your next adventure! Keep up the awesome content!

Exposing Liars says:

This cracks me up!!! I've literally run into people who are going places, and decided to go there, on a wim. This is SO me!

janna b says:

Hey Christine, thank you so so much for your videos. I just discovered your channel and have been bingewatching most of your videos. I'm currently planning my first trip alone and I feel like a total baby since I'm 26 and everyone seems to have been travelling alone much earlier in their lifes. But oh well. I'll have an easy entry into my first all-alone trip since I'll visit my father in Bangkok first. Then I'll go to Bali/Indonesia which somehow seems like a very safe place for females to me. Afterwards I'll end my journey in Singapore which is probs the most western city in that area. I'll be always staying in hotels because I'm a bit too socially awkward to sleep in a room with 7 other people like in a hostel (also, I can afford it – thanks to my first job paying quite well). I know that this is not like a hardcore backpacking tour but it's what I feel most comfortable with. I know that your experiences will also help me to get along. Thanks a lot – and greetings from Germany.

Vkei+fitness says:

I went on my first trips alone when I was 16 years old first Houston Texas then Paris France and lastly Osaka japan in the same year I didn't really do planing or research cause limited resources at that time and was going to see Japanese visual Kei bands. At that time the hardest part was not speaking the language and knowing the currency how to pay or getting from place to place in Japan but in the end some how it all worked out. For taking photos I do self timer and find a place to put the camera when I want a photo. I learned a lot since then though and have been traveling with my boyfriend recent years.

Nunal Sa Paa says:

Haha, the things you said here resonate so much! Thank you for this!

rlabarbera says:

You're very pretty!

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