3 Headed Monsters vs 3s Company | BIG3 HIGHLIGHTS

3 Headed Monsters vs 3s Company | BIG3 HIGHLIGHTS

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Check out all the best action from the BIG3 as the 3 Headed Monsters take on 3s Company.

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oldnbaschool says:

Imagine soon we will buy a Big3 video game.

atrax58 says:

1:201:25 & 1:40 thru 1:48 😂😂😂😄 When you recognize Allen Iverson in the background

GrandMasta Uncle Homey says:

Andre Owens went from playing good to being a straight no show

Thomas James says:

I know yal hear AI lmao

Harold Fugerson says:

who else watches 3s company just to see if AI plays then gets dissapointed

mario michael wiliamson says:

kareem rushhh!!!

Ginika Okocha says:

yall notice Abdul-Rauf plays and shoots exactly like Tony Parker

ElTeto says:

Abdul-Rauf can play in the NBA today in ANY team of the east.

Zmod Somar says:

Abdul-Rauf/Chris Jackson, the Stephen curry of the 90's

Facts B says:

1:19 Someone is giving some good D.

Jaguar Paw says:

he's still better than some of the guards in the NBA right now. take that.

Carlos Villalvazo says:

Soooo is Iverson ever going to show up in this?lol where is the former MVP at dudes only like 40 why isn't he out here putting up all 50 himself

flytii says:

traveling all day

Tyler Reyno says:

AI's team is downright embarrassing – what a punk for leading everyone on, including his own team, into thinking he'd be playing, and then they're abandoned, losing every week, as he "coaches" a 3 v. 3 team of grown men (when did 3 v. 3 start needing coaching?). Pathetic. #nowonderheneverwonaring

Samuel Poitier says:

Who Isle hear cussing in the background

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