2018 Winter Olympics Recap Part 2 (Chris Mazdzer) I Day 2 I NBC Sports

2018 Winter Olympics Recap Part 2 (Chris Mazdzer) I Day 2 I NBC Sports

Chris Mazdzer performed his best on the world’s biggest stage to bring home not only his first Olympic medal, but the first U.S. men’s singles luge medal ever! Additionally, women’s hockey continued with USA vs. Finland and Netherlands’ Sven Kramer continued his dominance of the men’s 5,000m speed skating event.



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Shep Leonard says:

I've got an idea that would make the Olympics on NBC a hundred times better how about it NBC tells the commentators to shut up and let everyone just watch and enjoy the Olympics. We are so tired of hearing non-stop Chit Chat that has nothing to do with what's going on at the time. Like the luge the whole time they're talking about how you can tell the difference and each Riders set up by the sound it makes going across the ice but they never shut up long enough for you to actually hear that. It's gotten so bad everyone I know says they just turn it on to mute so that they don't have to hear the senseless commentator babbling.

blackmonolith says:

Where's part 1?

smythe holmes says:

Just waiting for the news when North Korea attacks

Urpupdixie says:

I’m still so happy about the figure skating with the Japanese people that used the song yuri on ice.

Ricco Kayaker says:

Ease off the face lift

Johnathan T says:

Her face doesn’t move.

Nathanislao 123 says:

What sport is this called

Donald Trump says:

Congratulations to Chris Mazdzer for representing his country and winning silver!


Amazing! !!!!!!!!!!!!😅😂👍✌💯😀😊

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Rocky Unofficial says:

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