20170724 VLOG: Nonni Injured & Travel Update

20170724 VLOG: Nonni Injured & Travel Update

We have had a wonderful camping weekend in the Big Horn mountains. This is a quick update and soon you will see videos about how I got to meet up with my bestie Connie, and Robert even got to fly her brother’s plane! Also coming up soon will be our visit to the sacred Medicine Wheel. Enjoy this quick update and send Nonni some love. KOKO!



MindyA Derreberry says:

Wow…I'm so thankful Nonni wasn't injured severely…poor baby..! Keep us updated on Nonni's condition.
Two weeks ago today my baby girl Mya took a tumble down the stairs and it was a life ending injury… I'm still in mourning..! It's never easy to hear them scream in pain and distress…sending prayers to you both. On another note the campsite loves beautiful..And I'm excited to see and hear more about your visit with Robert and Connie and the plane ride..!

Linda Rapp says:

I am so glad Nonni is going to be okay! Looking forward to your next video! Beautiful area!

Jeri DeLupa says:

Awwww. So glad Nonni is ok…. and your hair looks AMAZING!!!! You did a wonderful job!! 😍😁

Missy B says:

Aaww poor sweet Nonni, I'm glad the antihistamine is working. Beautiful camping spot! Looking forward to the other videos! Take care, and give Nonni a hug for me.

Joan Milano says:

Awww, poor, sweet Nonni – I bet that gave you quite the scare!!

betty stenger says:

Glad to hear that she is ok . it's beautiful there be safe and have fun.

Debra Cruz says:

Awww Nonni!! Glad she is ok Debra.

Sherrie Machart says:

poor nonni she looked pitiful so glad you had antihistamines. you hair looks great! hugs and kisses for nonni

Mary Anne Brown says:

Awww!! She looked exhausted! I'm sure it is a combination of the stings and the benadryl! I was badly stung a few years ago all over my body, and it is shockingly painful! It is like being pierced with red hot pokers! A good long sleep will do wonders for her. Glad it wasn't a snake.


So glad you had benadryl! She will feel better tomorrow. Poor babe. So glad she is okay.

cathy s says:

Poor girl!!!

David Price says:

Is Nonni hard of hearing? If so I bet that's why she didn't stay clear of the bees. They are so small dogs may not always be able to smell them and relly on hearing to identify bees. Just a theory. Glad your 4 legged companion will be ok. KOKO, safe flying

Mary Beard says:

So glad things worked out ok, and you knew what to do to take care of your girl!  Looking forward to seeing your upcoming videos.  Be careful out there!

Tareasa Tiffin says:

Oh No! Poor Nonni. You are an awesome pet Mommy for having benedryl and pain meds on hand 🙂 Your new hairdoo looks great!

Carolyn Nunes says:

If she was in the grass, was it a yellow jacket nest that was in the ground? Or do you think it was a hornet, or a wasp? Gee, all I guess I left out was a Bee!😱

Rose Payne says:

Love your hair, so youthful! Suits your personality.

Pamela says:

Poor Nonnie!

yogawick says:

Hope Nonni is feeling better! Looks cooler where you are!!!
Tell Nonni = KOKO!

Pamela Abernathy says:

Oh, Nonni…..feel better soon…….Debra, you are a good mom, having everything you need for emergencies……but, gosh what a scare…..

Dawn Michelle says:

So glad Nonni is okay!!!! My heart would have stopped! I echo another commenter – maybe a video on what emergency supplies you keep for Nonni and yourself?

Lynne O'Kelly says:

I'm glad she is okay.

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