2017 Tour de France: Stage 17 Recap

2017 Tour de France: Stage 17 Recap

Take a look back at Stage 17 of the Tour de France.



Cycling Love says:

Best review!! Sub for it ; )

James Lowe says:

Sagan would never have gone down like Skittles.

Mark W. says:

Lance Armstrong g.o.a.t.

Rick C says:

so Roglic runs off and leaves everybody ???    riders showing no fear on that descent.  Warriors.

Joeri 16 says:

😀 roglic WELL DONE

Brian Hayes says:

I was like wtf… 19????

Anon Ymous says:

I KNEW these races were fixed!! I'm tied up on Sunday so can't watch last stage, can you tell me who wins?

Sebastien Cuming says:

it's stage 17

Pedro Morales says:

rider spouse glass note traveler trait generate.

364,587 views says:

why would you put a cyclist falling as one of your highlights

Alex Fletcher says:

4:12 Durianrider is that u mate

Thomas Rawlins says:

Stage 17!!!

Starvin Marvin says:

Tour de drugs

Tuna says:

WOW NBC sports is great! Stage 19 hasn't even happened yet, and they're reporting on it 🙂

Patrick Hall says:

Awesome coverage!!!

simon berche says:

stage 17 !!!!!

ghostx says:

nice nbc! you guys got a deloreon?

Salsa del Mar says:

stage ur asss !!!!! dumbs NBC the worst conmentator ever !!!!!!!!

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