2017 Tour de France: Stage 16 Recap

2017 Tour de France: Stage 16 Recap

Get caught up on all the action from Stage 16 of the 2017 Tour de France.



Randy Miller says:

If you can't take the time to check the volume before you upload I don't bother supporting your sponsors because I don't finish the video

Casey Lawson says:

Joining Sunweb has got to be the best decision Matthews has made in his career. He is looking strong coming into the third week.

Dexter Deveau says:

Good sprint Matthews, gutted for Degenkolb. Always next time. Thanks NBC for the footage – great having a different perspective on the race.

smp156 says:

such a boring and formulaic race over the long term. Spring Classics is where the REAL racing is. TDF is obvious and predictable… boooooorrrring

Tiffany Felkner says:

Team Bobke!

Sir Heff says:

If Degenkolb would have shot the gap I wonder where Matthews would be right now… Deviating line by two meters to the right on a left hand bend elbows first towards his passing opponent. Then Matthews says Degenkolb has bad sportsmanship. The irony. Even as an Australian myself, that is disgusting. He can do better than that. Come on TdF. Be a bit consistant in your rulings, swap the placings.

G5performance says:

Turn up the mic volume @nbcsports !!!

Ty Provosty says:

How many days in yellow did Lance Armstrong have?

The Sagittal Crest says:

yo why is this so quiet?

Blueocea says:

Bob Roll did you miss the part where Mathews went from one side of the road all the way to other with his elbows out? Mathews should have been relegated. The commentary here is BS.

Don Fuchs says:

When did he "switch"to SunWebb,mate,???

Don Fuchs says:

Wasn't "Michael Matthews" riding with Orica Greenedge Scott,mate,???

geeheeber says:

These videos are great! Love Bobke. Please tell the guys in post-production to turn the volume up though.

Rod Gossett says:

It's Chris Froome the winner Again for the 2017 tour d France as I thought would happen, with help from that idiot Mark Cavendish.

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