2017 REVIEW + travel stats

2017 REVIEW + travel stats

Let’s have a look back at the past year of travel and adventures which took me through Asia and Europe, settling down in an apartment in Budapest and making some huge life decisions!

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Hi, name’s Aly! Originally from Birmingham, England, I have been discovering the world for over 4 years straight. I am a psychology graduate with a love for Pho and red wine. Whether I throw myself into a novel or from 14,000ft up out of a plane, I look at adventure big and small and say “Let’s do this!”

PsychoTraveller is more than just travel, its a platform to inform and inspire people of all ages to live the life they want to live. PsychoTraveller showcases through weekly videos her life on the road, the people she meets, the food she tastes as well as the highs and lows behind living as a digital nomad.



Danielle Nave says:

I travelled to India by myself when I was 22, it was amazing travelling on my own I got to meet so many new people and set the tone for myself. I admit that the only time I didn’t feel safe a woman by myself was walking alone in the Delhi main bazaar at night(wouldn’t recommend)…

Saint of Bacon says:

Happy New Year's Ally! I'm looking forward to traveling again in 2018!

GoodManGone says:

I am a new follower of yours.  Here for the personality thats coming through.  Looking forward to f-it 2018!

Dan Galla says:

Back to basics!

Dan Galla says:

When I went to India there was moments I absolutely LOVED but there was moments I absolutely HATED. Once the dust settled, I LOVED INDIA and would love to go back. Can't wait to see you document the year of "fuck it/awesomeness". All the best Aly!! HAPPY 2018 YO!

Chelsea Price says:

Love you long time Aly ❤️ can’t wait for my shirt to come!

David says:

I have been watching your vids on your channel for a long time and I have not ever said to myself, that was a bad or shit vid. Keep up the great work but if your not enjoying it then stop and have more breaks. I'll be waiting for the next great vid, I'm not going anywhere .

Fearless Jacey says:

This is so exciting! I definitely love the unstructured vlogs much more. I'm thrilled for the "Fuck It" year. I'm sure it'll be incredible. I honestly admire your fearlessness this year 😉

Scolopente says:

BTW @GRRRLTRAVELER has lots of solo girl India videos and they are supercool to watch…

Princess in Process says:

Do you! I love this "phuke it" theme for 2018! I really hope this year will be AWESOME for you! I'll still be here watching you!

Tamas Tóth-Bezerédi says:

Back to Budapest, great !

alteredillusions100 says:

OMG, I love this vide! I've missed you. This made my day 🙂 much love to you

Donald letim says:

Happy new year, i missed you so much

Lucie G. says:

Love you Aly have an amazing year ! 🤗

Lessilu says:

Yaaaaaaassss! we are here because of YOU, we don't need Lonely Planet style videos 😀
It's funny because even when you did those "experimental" videos, I told you that I wouldn't recognise you and that I missed the old rumbling Ally but I kept following you with the same love of years ago, I had the same feeling that you can have when you see your sister making decisions that are not really right for her!
but it's so good to see that you are putting your s*t back together. Life isn't perfect and we just need to live it, not decide how it "should" be! Best of luck for 2018, get loose!  :

AmandaPaige says:

I love witnessing your growth and learning from your reflections about life (: I'm excited to see what you do this year!

Mariah Lee says:

India is wild and INTENSE. I'm excited to see where you go & how you like it. I have a strong love/hate relationship and plans to go back some day.

James Hengl says:

Happy new Year Aly & Scott .

Shuray Merriweather says:

Welcome back! Thanx for the shout out and pronouncing my name right.👍🏼👌🏼. Can’t wait for more of your keeping it real and authentic travels.

ExploreList says:

All the best for 2018 Aly! I hope our paths cross this year because it’ll be cool to chat and have a beer with you and Scott. Can’t wait for the India content! 🇮🇳

Jay Palfrey says:

also what are you video plans for india in a few weeks? I'm going for 3 months in October this year so i would love to see it!

Paola Michel says:

I have never related to anything more in my life than "2018 is the year of fuck it" I want to get that engraved on something… I started laughing hysterically because I feel it on the deepest level.

Ruocca says:

yayy!! Happy New Year

Jay Palfrey says:

I fcking love you! have an amazing 2018 🙂

Sabrina Fehr says:

This is my year of change too. I am moving back to Pennsylvania after living in Florida for 4 years. Its scary to leave the comfort and security of where I am in life right now, but I know nothing will change in my life if I don't go out and make the change for myself! Hopefully lots of adventures and successes are to come this year! Happy New Year!

Aris F says:

This was a good saying

Kendra O says:

Ali thank you for being such an inspiration! Missing real talks, can't wait for you to be back from India so we can have you to ourselves again! Enjoy your trip and all the best for the new year, you deserve all the health and happiness in the world ❤

Phil Lisik says:

Tired of you using the F word, had to give you a thumbs down, sorry but not cool.

Wild and Free Amy says:

Happy new year Aly, happy travels for 2018 xxx

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