2017 Miken Izzy Sports Gamer USSSA

2017 Miken Izzy Sports Gamer USSSA

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Radar video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQbgFglcAvc



Brad Mcneeley says:

Sweet a new thumbnail

Will Webb says:

how dare you not feed the hype

Big Pimpin says:

what bat would u recommend for a team in nsa isa leagues in new brunswick canada we got lots of heavy hitters and cold weather i own a miken ultra 750x maxload 28oz and a miken dc 41 27 oz max load we hit well over 340 with both thanks in advance . love the vids !!!!

SluggerStark says:

another great video my bro! ?

AJG312 says:

ASA bats video coming soon?

Latino Guns & Gear says:

awesome video?

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