[2017 MBC Entertainment Awards]Lee Sieon,‘버라이어티 부문 남자 신인상’수상

[2017 MBC Entertainment Awards]Lee Sieon,‘버라이어티 부문 남자 신인상’수상

이시언,‘버라이어티 부문 남자 신인상’수상

[2017 MBC 방송연예대상] 20171229



N says:

제 동생이에욬ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

nurin bahiyah says:

everyone from i live alone won awards,,congrats si eon, 3 idiots is legends

Rhod Valenciaga says:

I love the dynamics/chemistry of this group of emcees. Comedienne, model, webtoon artist, actor, singer. Love-hate relationships, fashion battles, love triangles, etc.

Cena Aponte says:

Finally! I’m so happy for him.

Mina OK says:

finally, 대배우 wons something, cant wait for the episode when they discuss their big win tonight <3

syfqh trbl says:

Congrats Si Eonnn!!!

thiên thủy hoàng says:

chuc mừng

Annisa Rizki Mardiah says:

He deserve!!!!!

Aya Mansouri says:

OMG Finally Congratsss Sieon oppa

tiolee says:

Which category ???

A. ANS says:

HE FINALLY WON SOMETHING! FINALLY. Next I hope he can win from his acts.

How nice Kiam84 wore suit that Hyun-mo gave to him. 😍 I love how Hye-jin scream when he won. This members are the best.

Sabita Stha says:

is this happening now?

Yelskies says:


metta chen says:

Congratsss Sieon oppa finally you get the award😄 so happy for you. Hope he can win in drama awards,too

Stellapebble Nunie says:

Congratulations my Si Eon yayyyyyyy im so happy for you finally! I was so sad last year award now its your time! Saranghae SiEona!!!

ray tobing says:

Woooowww congratulaionn oldest of trio dumb!!!!! Loolll really2 in one of your fan!!! Congrats!!!!!

edap says:

How funny is it that he felt the need to clarify that his mention was to a younger sibling

XHera says:

Congrats Sion

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