2015 KBS Entertainment Awards | 2015 KBS 연예대상 – Part 1 (2016.01.22)

2015 KBS Entertainment Awards | 2015 KBS 연예대상 – Part 1 (2016.01.22)

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– MC: Shin Dongyeop, Seolhyun, Sung Sikyung
– Synopsis: It is a round-up festival of 2015 KBS variety shows and the entertainers who have tried so hard to please us for the past year. Let’s find out who will receive the awards and which program will be awarded as Viewer’s Choice Program of the Year.
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F A N I says:

noo, i mean a video of kbs ent award 2016 three days ago

F A N I says:

please upload kbs ent award 2016? jebal

Eonnie says:

watching this 3 days before the 2016 awards ??

Rumi Arumazuhdi says:

Triplets so cute

angelicangel_09 says:

Watching this while waiting for KBS 2016 awards. who else?

Ng Jasmine says:

OMG the triplets are so cute!!!

Adinda Febrianti says:

Bogummie oppa sarangheyo ❤
i will support you always oppa ???

alex lao says:

watching this for the cool kiz team

lovelygthang says:

I am a huge fan of yours park bogum….fighting!!!

Biianchy Aguirre says:

Can someboy write to me in hangul the phrase that Leeteuk says at 48:25 the one he says with the kiss at the end please

That Girl says:

I'm just so happy to see the chemistry of the Judo team get recognized. From the close relationships of the coaches to the players is daebak~~
Coaches looking deeeym good. The players all suited up and not in judo uniforms but still looking like they'd do a shoulder throw. Hahaha!!
I'm so late but still congratulations to the winners!!
Jaeyoon and Jota!!! ???

That Girl says:

Best couple MC : judo coaches hahahahahaha

WaNa Kim says:

Poor kim jongmin…look at his reaction after kim juhyeok come to the stage to take his award from kim jongmin hand..

Frida Martha says:

1:20:32 Did You see Hwijae and Myungsoo moment?.♡♡ Tom& Jerry♡♡. LOL.

Nona fierce says:

39:33 WTF?. LOL

Nona fierce says:

Daebak is everybody's fave.How come u not love him??^^

Indaa utree says:

Seojun so cute. Hahha "Banana " to Hwijae 😀

Blabla toto says:

is Seolhyun is serious at the beguining? "I've really been loved by viewver this year"?? Like is that even a way to introduce yourself? For me is like seeing "Hey I'm so beautiful and hot, my name is …" it's kind of akward

panterasasha says:

Seolhyun además de bellísima, simpática, sencilla,talentosa es muy elegante jijijijijijjiji ok xauu salu2 desde Chile


When Yoo Ina and Henry were presenting the awards .. Oh I was cringing so bad. So awkward ??

Witthaya Lamnoi says:

I love you ( lee jae yoon )

KpopQueen LoveHunks says:

woah!!! so glad COOL KIZ ON THE BLOCK team won!!!!! Been following them for ALL the sports and it never gets boring, i swear! <3 Plz continue on for long long time!! <3

yoon aara says:

I am so agree with speech by song hae sunbaenim 01:29:00 ..I really appreciate variety show that give me big laugh everytime..thankyou so much,love korea variety show..and I love yoo jaesuk too! have a blessed monkey year to all..

Angel Haven says:

Bo gum <3

Za 2701 says:

1:24:34 Minguk looks sooo cute!

Thamiah Tailoring says:

Seolhyun was so bad at MCing.. such a boring MC.. she really didn't do well..

Faith Cavanadagles says:

in subtitle the return of the superman its says they've got 24% vote but what i saw on the screen they're getting 54% vote…. 1:08:02

thơ Mít làm says:

song hye kyo

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