10 WORST Logo Changes in Sports

10 WORST Logo Changes in Sports

What do you think was the worst logo change in sports history?

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Looks can be deceiving, they say. Never judge a book by it’s cover, they also say.

Well, not with sports logos. If it looks awful, then it is awful. I’m not buying that jersey or hat if I have to look ridiculous.

The sad thing is, some sports teams used to have a great logo. Then they changed the logo. And their logo went from great to reaaaaal bad. I’m Justin Fraction, and today we present the 10 worst logo changes in sports.

And a big shoutout to DAHminator209 for suggesting this video!

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Video Editor + Host: Justin Fraction
Written By: Alex Hoegler



Sam Land says:

I don’t hate the “Flying Elvis” logo but the Pat Patriot logo is a lot cooler because it celebrates New England’s role in the American Revolution.

razgriz821 says:

some of your lists are getting.. whatever.. i dont even like most of the teams here but i disagree with you lame reasons why you dislike it..

Brandon Schiele says:

best players from small colleges

EthUn says:

Toronto Raptors

MidgetMan037 Gaming says:

Cleveland Browns used to be cool, but now it's so bad :]

NHL to Hartford says:

Anaheim Ducks

Gabriel González Fernández says:

I actually like the flying elvis

Tomato says:

Best logo changes

MidgetMan037 Gaming says:

Biggest need for every team going into 2018-19 NFL Draft

Saitama says:

Old dolphins logo to the new ones. Same with the unis

alex Howard says:

The best logo changes in sports

Brayden Smith says:

The pirates changing from the pirate to just a P

Jay Locker says:

Worst Uniform changes

duffystrikezone says:

Rams going from blue to whatever the heck or the chargers switching from baby blue

Ben Meyer says:

Top 10 NFL rookies who were the best player on their team at the time

Mister WWE says:

Top Best NFL Franchises In NFL History

Patrick Seijo says:

This list is all kinds of messed up. The diamondbacks shouldn’t have been on it because their change was so minor. The Rockets and Grizzlies should’ve been higher up and I could go on. For a minute I though the video was made in reverse order.

Unknown Ramirez says:

Bengals is just fine

fishing the east coast says:

the Cleveland Browns

Daddy Vidz says:

10 elite NFL players that will retire before 2025

the missing pink says:

The chargers la logo and the browns elf was better than an helmet

Tony Ren says:

Florida Panthers

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