10 Toughest Divisions In All Of Sports

10 Toughest Divisions In All Of Sports

10 of the hardest divisons in sports

What do you think is the toughest division in the NFL?

Any other Sports lists you want us to do? Let us know in the comment section and we will credit you in the video if your idea is picked.

Sports cities are just happy to have teams. But if you’re a team like the New England Patriots, you have to appreciate your geographical region. You dominate and all, but you also get the Bills, Jets and Dolphins–three of the NFL’s worst teams for a decade and a half.

If you’re LeBron James, you just love playing in the Eastern Conference because there aren’t any teams on the right half of America to compete with you.

For some sports teams, their geographical areas put them in certain divisions, often tougher than others. Here are the 10 toughest divisions in sports. And a big shoutout to Malik Lander for suggesting this video.

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ilikepizza63 says:

Also the preds made it to the Stanley cup

Taylor crumpton says:

Sec is the toughest division Go Alabama

Tyler Radke says:

Even the Browns bumped into the steelers in a wild card one year. They missed the playoffs with a 10-6 record one year too. They were trash every other year though.

The.Famous Mike says:

I think the only threat in the AFC North is the Steelers

Dennis Santos says:

AL East Baseball

Kyle Morgan says:

pac 12 has the most titles wtf

Nikolai Jouk says:

wow he didnt even compliment the bears in nfc north didnt mention it

FaDe Baller says:

NFL Afc west Broncos won super bowl 2 years ago and chiefs chargers and raiders are all rising

Diego Hernandez says:

10 coolest nba classic jerseys

Zekrom X GostRader says:

Super Bowl 48 not 47

Shadic Namikaze says:

The nfc west is a joke really.

JuddsonVideos says:

You forget the bears in the NFC north

Stik Tube says:

Top 10 Easiest Divisions in sports

Monstrous Pizza says:

Ok i just watched a video by you guys called 10 teams who are good because of weak divisions. green bay was on there and so was Seattle. they are also on this list wtf tps make up your mind?????????????

SwArm lazer says:

they missed the brewers

Cj Scherer says:

AFC West…

Dawson 11 Horany says:

10 Reasons why the NFC! is better than the AFC

Andrew Ingram says:

The afc north sucks. Steelers, ravens, and bengals basically get 3 bye weeks bc they play the browns 2 times a year. Bengals haven't won a playoff game since 1990, the ravens haven't been relevant for 4 years, the steelers haven't won a super bowl in 8 years, and the browns are the most likely to go 0-16 every year

Ramon Correa says:

Fucking horrible !! Yea the NFC north is better then the AFC West !?? Lame

11FinFin says:

AFC North as number 1? Haha. Oh wait you're serious? Let me laugh harder. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Jack Morgan says:

Y does this guy hate lebron so much?

Cole Rhudy says:

the seahawks won super bowl 48 not sb 47

Gmonster Gaming says:

Best tight ends of all time!

Trevor Clow says:

why isn't the NBA Western Conference on this list

RvB Agent KY says:

NHL Metropolitan Division

FamilyGuyRoks6 says:

Metropolitan?!?! Caps, Pens, Rangers, all neck and neck nearly every season, not to mention CBJ's sudden presence, NYI is always gonna make noise, and Philly is on the rise and could make a serious imprint…

ehockey 04 says:

What the hell happened to the NHL Metropolitan Division! The Penguins, the Capitals, the Rangers, REALLY

Anthony Cox says:

nfc east most competitive by far

dlcquick scoop says:

Where is the metropolitan division that division is probably that hardest in the nhl for the past decade you have the penguins, capitols, rangers and others

Francisco Lopez says:

10 NFL teams that are good because of one player

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