10 Times a Sports Team Handed their Opponents the Win

10 Times a Sports Team Handed their Opponents the Win

10 times a team handed their opponent the win

Who else do you think handed over an easy victory at one time or another?

Any other Sports lists you want us to do? Let us know in the comment section and we will credit you in the video if your idea is picked.

They say that sometimes, the best team doesn’t always win. And we tend to agree with those thoughts.

A popular sports cliche says that “a win’s a win”. And some teams have been able to say this, even though their opponent handed them the victory on a silver platter.

I’m DeQwan Young, and today we present the top 10 times a sports team handed their opponents a win.

And a big shoutout to Custard Plays Madden for suggesting this idea to us.

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beeharbour says:

It is still deeply painful to watch Bill Buckner.

Brutal Assassin says:


Patrick Star Football says:

Top 10 betrayals in sports

Fabrice Sikpa says:

10 teams that messed up their season

BaseballKid.14 says:

wasn't it 1918

That Strange Kyle says:

Top 10 worst plays in super bowl/playoff history (Seahawks in SB 49)

Jacob Cohen says:

Top ten "there going to be good this season " disappointments like the jags

Michael Stark says:

fastest Nfl players

Nick Gaxiola says:

Top ten NFL to miss out on the playoffs

gdorad25bhmschools says:

top ten teams that have a lot of weapans but cant use them

Nba Pro says:

Top 10 most overrated sports players

theskepticaltaco says:

the ten best journeymen in sports

Ivan Landeros says:

Y'all forgot to mention when the rangers were one strike away in game 6 of the 2011 World Series and lost it in extra innings, then went on to lose game 7 to the cardinals

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