10 Sports Teams That Were Good For ONE YEAR, Then SUCKED

10 Sports Teams That Were Good For ONE YEAR, Then SUCKED

10 Sports Teams That Were One Year Wonders

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Which team do you think is the biggest one-year wonder in sports history?

Any other Sports lists you want us to do? Let us know in the comment section and we will credit you in the video if your idea is picked.

Every decade, there are a series of teams that dominate, dominate, dominate and win multiple championships. That would be your San Francisco 49ers or Edmonton Oilers of the 80s, your Dallas Cowboys of the 90s, or your New England Patriots or Golden State Warriors of the current decade.

But some sports teams struggle for a while, have one great year…then fall back to earth.

Iā€™m Justin Fraction, and today we dive into 10 teams that were one-year wonders. And a big shoutout to Cavin Chism for suggesting this video!

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Michael Wilson says:

85 bears? pretty much NFL 1 year wonder of all time

Deangelo Carter says:

Chicago cubs

Aneesh P says:

I love this channel!

Mouse Drink says:

10 teams who were terrible then the next season were great

Sport Master says:

The 2016 Carolina Panthers

Rocky Hill says:

as a 49ers fan its sad to say this but the 2013 San Francisco 49ers season

smokescream 2 says:

why isn't Carolina panthers on here after bronco lost in super bowl

Baseballer_AJ says:

The panthers did this twice :/

ItzDaRealDeal says:

07-08 browns…yes I know they didn't make the playoffs but still 10-6 for the browns was crazy and you all know what happened after that.

RandomPerson24 says:

top 10 streaking moments

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