10 Most SAVAGE Sports Social Media Moments of 2017

10 Most SAVAGE Sports Social Media Moments of 2017

What other players had a savage social media moment?

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What’s up? What’s happening? What’s going on cantaloupes? What a year 2017 was for roasting people and throwing shade on social media. Athletes dissing fans, their own teams, their former teams, teams dissing other teams…we had it all. This is a list of the very best moments on sports social media: The 10 Best Sports Social Media Moments of 2017.

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Video Editor + Host: Mike Cantalupo
Written By: Alex Hoegler



Jitesh Ramakrishnan says:

2:38 I remember checking Twitter that day and reading that. Hilarious! #GoYanks #2018Champs

Wizardnation Sports & More! says:

What about lostnunbound’s kevin is a snake diss track?😭😭😭

Kyu lightning says:

I freaking love the Vegas Golden Knights Twitter page they literally do not care about what they put on Twitter and it is the funniest thing.

YourBoyDylan BoyDylan says:

10 nfl players that never got the credit they deserved

Ollie324 says:

Top 10 worst mistakes by the refs (ex. Hand of God goal)

HOCKEY NICK #97 says:

10 teams shouldn’t have gotten relocated

I love trusty hd Sicker says:

Top 10 athletes who started off horrible and finished amazing

Thomas Ivas says:

U should react to the prediction of nfl records

yitzy Gross says:

Ten times a team spoiled a player's return ( example Aaron Rodgers)

Tristan Tracy says:

When a youtuber named Lostnunbound made a diss track on Kevin Durant

Nana Bryant says:

The crab tree and talib

Ned K says:

Top 10 championchip rings

Isaac Isringhausen says:

10 players who should've won finals MVP

DanDoesGaming YT says:

10 teams that surprised us in 2017

Torrei Lee says:

Do somes giveaways

Madison Cronn says:

Top ten best defenses of all time

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