10 MIRACULOUS Sports Moments You Had to See to Believe

10 MIRACULOUS Sports Moments You Had to See to Believe

10 amazing sports moments

Which moment was your favorite?

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OH MY GOD! – A general gasp said by those both religious and agnostic after an incredible moment. Especially sports. And ESPECIALLY when the moment is so special, unbelievable, and awe inspiring that it can only be given one adjective – MIRACULOUS. These are the ten most miraculous moments in sports history.

10) Immaculate Reception
9) Doug Flutieā€™s Hail Mary
8) NC State 1983
7) Shot Heard Round The World
6) Cubs 2016
5) USA Beats England 1950
4) Kerri Strug 1996 Olympics
3) Leicester City
2) Dee Gordon HR
1) Do You Believe In Miracles?

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Will Young says:

NC State beat Houston, not Georgetown

KriminalisDK says:

"The shot heard around the world" should really be called "the shot that the rest of the world couldn't care less about"

HeadachePuppy1 says:

I can't watch this channel anymore. I'm too used to just watching the videos and pictures as the deep voiced guy narrates

tepig gp says:

i think the 20 games.winning streak of the a's in 2002 must be in the top

Fade says:

Nba ad on the video!?

trenecia cutright says:

i just wanted to the 670th comment lol

Rhys Carter says:

Technically the miracle on ice was bs cuz the bench of the states went on the ice with 1 second left making it to may men

Tevon 92 says:

If Miracle on Ice isn't number 1…..

Sneaker O1ogist says:

2007-2008 New York Giants against the 18-0 (at the moment) New England Patriots

Fire Mixes says:

10 one hit wonder teams

James Durante says:

should've had MSL scoring on mother's day after his mom died

Jh171 2002 says:

you missed steven bradbury winning gold at the 2002 olympic games

Jake Stfm says:

Top 15 (or 10) Elite athletes to never win a championship (all sports)

BaseballBoss42 says:

fun fact about the bobby Thompson "the giants win the pennant!" tape, it was recorded by a dodgers fan

Jose Martinez says:

Y'all only cover American sports, involve other sports into the mix

Super Savage Kid says:

10 athletes who are the opposite of their brothers or sisters

The Casual Gamer says:

now come on, may call it top 10 US sporting moments you have to see to belive. Can you do a Non- US focused list. Wilkinson's drop goal to win the Rugby world cup, Manchester United last min winner over Munich to win the champions league, Liverpool coming back from 0-3 to beat AC Milan. Shall I Go on?????

The Legendary Lurch Logan says:

the Dee Gordon HR was amazing…. but the Most Miraculous Homerun ever was & will always be Kirk Gibson's HR in Game-1 of the 1988' World Series!!!

Nic Nadon says:

Finally a sports channel that includes soccer

SOCAL3800 says:

All these years and the Steelers are still catching breaks with blind lucky plays.

Legacy says:

Kinda sad the ravens' mile high miracle against the broncos wasn't on here :/


what about Delight Clark's catch and the NFC championship against the the Cowboys the game was on the line it's started the Niner Dynasty you should have put it that on the list

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