10 MAJOR Sports Trades That Need To Happen in 2018

10 MAJOR Sports Trades That Need To Happen in 2018

What other Majorr sports trades need to happen in 2018?

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2017 saw some major sports trades take place. Where can we start? The bombshell Kyrie Irving trade to the Boston Celtics? The San Francisco 49ers landing a franchise quarterback in Jimmy Garoppolo? Oh, where to go?

In 2018, we are expecting to see some MAJOR names get moved. But which ones are realistic, and which ones really should occur?

I’m DeQwan Young, and today we present 10 MAJOR sports trades that need to happen in 2018.

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rippetoe 38 says:

The Packers need to improve their defense. They could win another super bowl if they improve their defense. I don't think they're going to trade for Larry Fitzgerald who could retire after another year in the NFL. The Cardinals should trade him to the Patriots where he can win a super bowl and retire.

Molon Lave says:

hahahaha Blue Jays resigned him to a 6 year deal

Rip 3pac says:

lmao greenbay doesnt need Fitz.

Lucas Valencia says:

Top ten players who were injured and never played the same way again

Nightmare Stories says:

Top five quarterbacks that almost got five rings

Chase Luebbert says:

Top ten trades that saved a players career

SilentShredderr says:

Top 10 best players who balled out on their contract year.

Quinten Kupka says:

Top 10 tps moments

Jay Mac Productions says:

Top 10 wr draft busts in nfl history

The Stoned Gamer says:

A 3rd and 5th round pick for Fitz? Hell nah lmao. Ain’t nobody gonna take that for the best player in their franchises history

Joe Aidc says:

Top 10 nfl teams that could move to another city in the next 10 years

JTA says:

Mccarron deal makes no sense

Ty evans says:

no one gives a shit about nhl or mlb lmao

Alex Giancola says:

No josh Donaldson should remain a blue jay

mario gonzalez says:

Do 10 reasons why Aaron Rodgers is better than Tom Brady

Lauren Pearson says:

I am calling denver is getting kirk cousins

Matthew M. says:

Kevin Love to the Wizards in the offseason (for Markieff Morris, Kelly Oubre Jr. And a 2019 1st round pick)

mario gonzalez says:

Do 10 times that the patriots fixed games

Juan Maestas says:

Imo Alex Smith would go to Jacksonville they are like the bills but with a worse qb get Smith and they may be able to win a couple of Superbowls

Jonathan Ryan says:

Do top 10 players who never left their prime

John Miller says:

Letang would be better in Winnipeg.

Hudaman says:

I would love to see Machado going to the Yankees as a Yankees fan in NYC!

Tekash1 6IX5IVE says:

Fitzgerald for Hundley😂😂

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