10 Insane Sports You Didn’t Know Existed

10 Insane Sports You Didn’t Know Existed

Today we’ll take a look into the insanely strange world of bizarre sports that you didn’t know existed!
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10. Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling Race
9. Buzkashi
8. Jai Alai
7. Shin Kicking
6. Bossaball
5. Ferret Legging
4. Skibobbing
3. Extreme Ironing
2. Worm Charming
1. Bed Racing

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Cooper Rooney says:

I haven't been here in a while but where's mat and pat

Big Smoke says:

tranzit is bae

Super gaming says:

number 10 is pretty cheesezy

Downy Unstopable says:

Has anyone seen @bleach in the comment section he is wanted for being an asshole

RedrumZombies says:

Can every commentator be in 1 video, at a milestone or something?

DearKeyBoard CoolBoy says:

I subscribed all you are super cool and I mean it.

Luisyandel Baez says:

I'm one the first ones

Gaming 10x brod says:

Congrats on 300k!

Andrea Fejzo says:

oh the cheese race… seen many memes

Hades Q6 says:

Isn't that the guy from "How it should have ended"?

sir Buqwiefieus says:

what happened to pat

The EliteMushyboy says:

We brits like to be ok

TheOneWhoGames247 says:

I'm English and I'm so frustrated when ever he says Yorkshire BECAUSE YOU SAY IT YORK-SH-EAR

like if you agree

Tempo says:



I live near Richmond


Isn't number two just wall ball?

Xxmrhap says:

Why are you so hateful towards English saying weird English I'm making this point cause I am britsihb

WNKRS rise says:

Should be called top 10 weirdest English sports

bleach says:

hey faggots drink me

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