10 Great Sports Trades That Helped BOTH Teams

10 Great Sports Trades That Helped BOTH Teams

10 Sports Trades That Benefitted Both teams

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What other sports trades benefitted both teams?

Any other Sports lists you want us to do? Let us know in the comment section and we will credit you in the video if your idea is picked.

When you look back on the biggest trades in sports history, you’ll often see that most of them were incredibly one-sided. The Boston Red Sox got nada when they sold Babe Ruth to the New York Yankees!

However, some major sports trades worked out well for both sides. I’m Justin Fraction, and today we dive into 10 Sports Trades That Benefitted Both teams. And a giant shoutout to Orion Comet for suggesting this video to us!

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Nick Schell says:

Do an episode on " top ten richest American sports teams"

Stephen Castro says:

If ur having a bad day remember spongebob could never pass his driving test

Jason Fairbanks says:

Top 10 athletes with the best public image

Tyler Milliken says:

We don't want to see hockey…

Spencer Creech says:

Clinton Portis for champ bailey

D2Drai says:

10 too close to call calls..

LegendaryCow Gaming says:

Top 10 most highly anticipated players that flopped

Marcel Martinez says:

top 10 ring chasers in sports history

Kyle Ranson says:

NFL top 10 worse trades

Daniel Kirkendoll says:

This is so cool

Trowzar9000 says:

This is the NFL Draft. You know how these go

1. Browns
2. Jets
3. 49ers
4. Bears
5. Chargers
6. Cardinals
7. Rams
8. Seahawks
9. Colts
10. Jauguars
11. Texans
12. Titans
13. Broncos
14. Raiders
15. Cheifs
16. Patriots
17. Dolphins
18. Bills
19. Steelers
20. Ravens
21. Bengals
22. Giants
23. Redskins
24. Cowboys
25. Eagles
26. Falcons
27. Panthers
28. Saints
29. Buccaneers
30. Packers
31. Vikings
32. Lions
(If it gets back to 101 it repeats)

Clark Wilson says:

Lmao Vancouver still hasn't gone into a rebuild even after Lou left

Noah Costalez says:

Top 10 game calls by officials that changed the outcome of the game

GameFail99 says:

Tps ur the best

Sam SteelerS says:

Steelers winning it all

Abraham Valdez says:

top ten sorprise teams in the world series

Jabob360 says:

10 big nfl draft day trades that backfired

Jan Nelle says:

Rivers> Eli

An_Educated_Potato 88 says:

10 players that became stars after they were traded

simply ops says:

Phins up fam we on that come up

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