10 Footballers Who Could’ve Made It In A Different Sport

10 Footballers Who Could’ve Made It In A Different Sport

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Danish Nasrullah says:

so thats why courtois is so fucking tall

Panagiots Glykos says:

did you know kaka at the age of 7 wasnted to be a professional tennis player

njoh ga says:

lloris was the 8 best tenniser aged 12

Sumit Saha says:

Wooh Bale almost broke Usain bolt record at the age of 14

The Worlds Biggest Southampton Fan #COYRs!! says:

Because Shane Long is Irish and Hurling is an Irish sport, maybe that's why!

poobum saleh vlogs says:

Who is here before this reaches a billion views

Ivan Raketits says:

Do a reverse video of sport players that could've been Futbol players. Like ObJ or something

trog lodyte says:

I just came from the AJ to FURY comparison. The comments were disabled in that video probably because everyone thinks you're a bunch of cunts too.

As a boxing fan what was the fucking point of that video?

Merari Nyasulu says:

The reason these footballers didn't accept. Football pays more

walid ghalayini says:

wtf in my school i did 120m in 13 seconds

Sami Zanji says:

0:35 the boy to right is professionel football player he plays for worlds XI in fifa

Theo Smiyh says:

I'm here 4 Bastian​

FaZe Rugio says:

Bale could become third fastest man

Cley Lyford says:

Wtf is hurling

Hamza Bouchaab says:

Diego Costa=UFC
Bellerin=Pizza Deliveries
Messi=Accountant (taxes)

Delano Callender says:

11.4 as a 14 year old isn't that quick ?

Matheo Andrade rubio says:

falco from Mónaco almost did base-ball

BlueBoys456 says:

Aaron Ramsey-Rugby League

Max Godl says:

I would've thought zlatan would've been good at martial-arts

Benedict Teo says:

Wayne rooney slapped a wrestler

Tom8toe Hughboi says:

Ben Davies could have become a pro rugby player but chose football

Monkey Man7 says:

The YouTuber's name is talkSport but he doesn't talk

Rakesh Panicker says:

Suarez biting

Just Hipstahh says:

Who saw Rooney punch the WWE guy?

TUPLA says:

zlatan has fake stoor

Alex Krupenschi says:

Roy Keane played box anyway

el classico cr7 da best says:

Sergio Ramos acting ,diving ec

Birdperson says:

Mess with Shrek
And you get wrecked

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