HEALTH INSURANCE & RV Travel – (At Least) 4 Tips!

HEALTH INSURANCE & RV Travel – (At Least) 4 Tips!

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RV camping gear:
*Antisway bar
*Counter Assault Bear Spray
*Oxygenics shower head
*Inverter generator
*LED spotlight
*Sean’s Tilley hat
*Merrell Jungle Moc shoes
*Walkie talkies
*Sanyo ENELOOP Rechargeable Batteries
*Boeshield T-9 lubricant
*Weber portable grill
*OBDII code reader
*Water jerry can
*30 Amp Surge Protector
*Garmin “RV Navigator” GPS
*The “El Cheapo” Garmin (#1 Bestseller!)
*A Better GPS Mount: Garmin Portable Friction Mount
*Too cheap for a GPS? Cellphone Car Mount
*MAXTRAX Emergency Vehicle Traction
*Champion 75537i
*Briggs & Stratton P3000
*Kill-a-Watt EZ Electricity Meter

Airstream essentials:
*Trailer Aid tire changing ramp
*Pink flamingos

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The Last Neanderthal says:

I am a new subscriber to your channel. I hope by now you have gone through your surgery or whatever form of Rx the doctor recommended. Just make sure you go to a teaching hospital and your surgeon has done more then a couple of hypophysectomies a year. The teaching hospital has other specialties around the clock. If you have a complication, there will a consultant available right way to care for you.
Best wishes.

Jim Dunst says:

Love you guys!

Kathy Taylor says:

Keeping you both in my prayers.

Fun After Fifty says:

Great Info Thank you and you are in my prayers. You are such a beautiful couple inside and out!

Marcelo Takayas says:

Sean and Kristy, again a very good v穩deo! I keep praying for Sean's recovery ASAP. All the best!

Jim Dietman says:

Keep the positive attitude you'll get through all this. Still praying for both of you. See ya out there sometime.

Dallas Pierce says:

We (Me and my dog-Rascal B. Ornery) love your channel and The family.. Prayers and Best continuing.. Glad to see your video, and havent even watched it yet! (On Pause) (I Binge Watched You when I started getting serious about full time.. Miss you two.. Look forward to meeting up in the future.. You are one of three channels that made comfortable enough to know We Can Do This! Many thanks, prayers and I just know we will meet.. Mick & Rascal

Joe Malanson says:

That's awesome guys, ya definitly feel like we know you guys already, kinda funny…but on another note, really loving the new brain tumor channel, Sean are you gonna be doing any reviews of the thousands of hospitals you were at while being hurt in the road? Best food, service, catheter styles, electric scooter availability know all that stuff. Well guys great video again, of course we pray for you both, you guys make a difference in people's lives and don't even know it!

priola7 says:

When I first found your channel I thought…. "what a cute couple! She looks like Trisha Yearwood and he looks like Indiana Jones Harrison Ford." Now I'm thinking… "What a cute couple. She looks like Trisha Yearwood and he looks like…. hm… not quite George Clooney… oh yeah! Zack Braff!" Funny guys both of you. Glad you two are keeping your chins up!

Cheryl Ownbey says:

I'm sending you both my best positive vibes. Sorry you are going thru this but I really admire your upbeat attitude. You'll get thru this. I really believe positivity helps in recovery and general health. Sending you both a virtual hug!! Cheryl

Pamela says:

Thinking of your guys & praying.

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